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Azkals in Da House!

By Gibbs22manila @gibbscadiz
What an outrage. I wasn't around when they dropped by the office a few days ago! Whywhywhy wasn't I informed they were coming? This was late afternoon, I'd have abandoned the pretense at the gym and gone to meet real jocks. Explain, underlings, in essay form, 5,000 characters without ever using “I!” Choz.
That's the Azkals team making bulabog the Inquirer office--the first photo with Inquirer president Sandy Prieto, the second with future stalkers, er, I mean fans. Full disclosure: I know zip about the game, have never seen the team play in full (even on TV--only snatches from the office monitors), and am not interested in meeting anyone of them since we'd have nothing to talk about and they'd probably find me a dummy. (Homoygowd, who's the hottie in red shirt, extreme left!? Hello, I lurv footbaaawll!)
Azkals in da house! Azkals in da house!
P.S. Jacques, if you're reading this--Woot! to your team manager brother Dan!

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