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Awesome Batmobile Pulls up at LEGO Ideas

By Boxmash
LEGO Batmobile 01

There are brand new and cool designs appearing on LEGO Ideas every day, but this is one of our favourites: a LEGO Batmobile! It’s made from 684 LEGO bricks (all black, of course!) and it needs your support to become a real LEGO set!

This version of the Batmobile is from the Batman Arkham games, and has some pretty cool gadgets on it. The wheels can spread out into an ‘X’ like shape and raise the guns so it is in ‘assault’ mode and ready to take on the bad guys. And when it’s time to speed off, the guns fold back in to keep everything sleek and aerodynamic.

The inventor of this Batmobile – ItsTheJester – created the model in LEGO Digital Designer, a programme that lets you make things out of digital LEGO bricks.

LEGO Batmobile 03
LEGO Batmobile 02
LEGO Batmobile 01
LEGO Batmobile 04

As with every LEGO Idea, this Batmobile needs 10,000 votes before LEGO will consider making it into a set you can buy. If you’d like to support it, just vote for it at the LEGO Ideas website.

For more amazing creations, check out the LEGO channel.

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