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Avoidable Firearm Fatality - No Surprise, It's Gun-Lunatic Haven, Florida AGAIN

Posted on the 15 February 2012 by Mikeb302000
An observation, as someone who has retrained dangerous dogs that are either people aggressive or dog aggressive (or both), MOST of the people who keep pit bulls (or other 'bully breeds' as they are commonly known) have as little understanding of how to safely keep a dog for self defense as they do firearms in this instance.  Like their owners and the owner's firearms, the dogs become a danger to themselves and the humans around them, instead of protecting anyone.  It is part and parcel of the same delusion, the same sick fantasy as the one embraced by the gun lunatics, who are so prevalent and who run amok in Florida injuring and killing people - like the woman shot in the head in Church.Avoidable Firearm Fatality - No Surprise, It's Gun-Lunatic Haven, Florida AGAIN
We hear continuous claims about guns used for SELF DEFENSE!  "We GOTSA have our GUNS!  We just GOTSA!", claim the gun lunatics, over and over and over.
When things go badly - or go south, to use the colloquial expression for abysmal failure - the gun lunatics never accept the responsibility, never take the blame, never acknowledge that they were not safe or secure with their fetish object firearms.  They only focus on their fantasy that guns will save them and their loved ones, ignoring the dreadful reality that guns more often harm, or kill, those they claim to desire to protect.
They never admit they are not as competent as they want us to believe they are.  They never admit that they have accidents, that they don't hit what they are aiming at, that they are not the superheroes they see themselves as in their imagination, in their fevered wanna-be hero fantasies.  The reality is so much different, so much more destructive of innocent people, than that fantasy.
Guns don't make us safer, gun lunatics are as much a danger as any danger they use as a pretext for their fetish object.  But it is perfectly ok with them if others die or are injured or in fear, so long as they have that damned fetish object on their hip. 
It is too damned bad that this jerk won't lose his firearms AND dogs after this incident, but that's too much to expect in the currently uncivilized violent gun culture rampant across Florida. They try to put lipstick on the pig of that gun culture, but it is nothing more than a violent, uncivilized decline from developed civilization in the 21st century.  Too bad for Florida, too bad for the status and civilizations of places like it.
They're not free; they're just backward.  The greatest danger to Billy and his family and his neighbors is......Billy.
From  Florida, by way of NBC Miami and  :

Cops: Fla. man shoots at pit bulls, hits 84-year-old mother

84-year-old Florida woman tried to intervene when dogs started fighting

By updated 2/15/2012 5:47:27 AM ET 2012-02-15T10:47:27 A man accidentally shot his elderly mother while trying to break up fighting pit bulls inside their home in Plantation, Florida, Tuesday night, police said. The son told NBC Miami that he and his mother have seven pit bulls in their house; they own three and take care of four for friends.
The dogs became aggressive and started fighting each other Tuesday night, Plantation Police spokesman Detective Robert Rettig said.
The 84-year-old mother tried to separate them, and her 50-year-old son used a pistol to shoot at the dogs, but ended up hitting his mother, Rettig said.
The son, Billy, who only wanted to give his first name, said his bullet hit his mother in the leg.
"I saw the dogs were fighting. She was on the ground," Billy said.
"And I tried to break them up, and the one dog came at me," and with time of the essence, he shot, he said.
Read more news at NBC Miami
She was taken to a hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening, Rettig said, while cautioning that her injuries could be more serious because she is older.
Billy and his mom live in a gated home that looks more like a compound, with many signs that warn of the dogs.
Billy said he doesn’t feel safe in the area, so that is why he keeps the pit bulls for protection.
No charges are pending, police said.

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