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Aviv Gefen Praises the Haredim

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In an interview with Dana Weiss today, Israeli iconic performer Aviv Gefen related an incident that happened recently.
At a recent concert he announced to the crowd that they should all stop giving Bnei Braq a hard time about the Corona issue-  it is not their fault.
Gefen relates that when he got off the stage at the end of his performance, he turned on his phone and foudn ti flooded with 420 messages from Haredim in Bnei Braq thanking him and expressing gratitude for his words and for supporting them. Gefen said that when reading the messages he sat down and cried.
When relating the incident Gefen also broke down in tears. Gefen said he was brought up like everyone else, to hate the Haredim, along with anyone else different. Gefen says that he has gone through a change and now he sees them and is out of that game.
That's a wonderful story.
The only two questions I have are:
1. how did they all find out about what he said in a concert? I don't think too many Bnei Braq residents go to Aviv Gefen concerts.
2. How did they all get his personal number to send him messages? This has happened before, with others, and I always wonder how people get the numbers for these celebrities and Members of Knesset and whoever else.
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