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Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe

By Teapotshortage @Teapotshortage
You can pick Sloe's from Black Hawthorne bushes during October and November when they are most ripe - this is usually after the first frost. Why not make a Slow Gin; a perfect wintry beverage or some sloe Jelly.
You will need:1lb Ripe Sloe's1lb Sugar (Type optional)Bottle of Cheap GinKilner Jar Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe1. Pick the Sloe's. They are slightly bigger than red berries, with a more translucent blue skin, they also grow along the branch rather than hanging down.
Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe2. Prick or cut the Sloe's
Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe3. Fill up a Kilner Jar are a similarly appropriate container with the Sloe's. You want equal measures of Sloe's and Sugar so leave enough space, filling the jar up about half way.
Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe4. Weigh out your equal amount of Sugar. We chose brown for the richer flavor.
Autumnal Sloe Gin RecipeAutumnal Sloe Gin Recipe5. The type of Gin you use isn't particuarly imporatant, you just need enough to fill the jar up to the top.

Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe
Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe
Autumnal Sloe Gin Recipe6. And that's it! Shake daily for the first week and then weekly for the first month or two by which time it should be ready to drink, however it is best to leave it for as long as you can. Some recipes recommend leaving it until the following winter, but personally, we intend to be drinking this over christmas and new year with bitter lemon :)
Autumnal Sloe Gin RecipeAutumnal Sloe Gin Recipe

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