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Autumn Wedding by the Sea in Cyprus

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

The lovely couple that we are presenting today chose to host their love in the beautiful island of Cyprus. The wedding ceremony took place under a beautiful flower arch by the sea since the couple dreamed a seaside wedding. Their decoration was minimalistic with beautiful flower arrangements by Anthopnoi and the colours that dominated were their favorite blue combined with the vintage white and peach. Scroll on to see some of their favorite moments!


Photography : Yiangos Photography

The bride share with us: “We met online. We chatted for a while and decided to meet up. I was running late on the day of the first date and lied and said that my train was delayed. As soon as I sent the message, I remembered that he works for the railway. He proposed me in Athens, a city close to my heart. He wanted to propose at the Acropolis, but Obama was visiting on that day so he compromised for the next best thing.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“I chose the colours for my bridal bouquet, which were blue and vintage white, and trusted the amazing kyria Militsa at anthopnoi to do her magic, and she delivered! As for our wedding decoration we decided on a simple, minimalistic decoration. A bouquet of flowers on each table, and candles. Because Galu Seaside is located by the sea, we wanted that to be the centrepiece of our wedding.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“My wedding dress is from ‘Eternity Bridal’, bought from Angelique Lamont, a bridal shop in Glasgow. I wanted to go for a timeless look and it was important to me to be comfortable on the night. I was very lucky that my mother and sisters were able to come to Scotland to go wedding dress shopping with me. It was very special.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“The ceremony took place in Galu Seaside. We wanted to get married by the sea and Galu offers this amazing space that can be transformed to give us our seaside wedding. The civil wedding ceremony took place outside and we will always treasure the memories of getting married to the sound of the waves. We chose Cyprus for our wedding destination because is where I am from and happens to be a beautiful island with some amazing people. As soon as we announced that we are getting married, and before we had a chance to decide where, a lot of our British family and friends started planning their trip to Cyprus so, it was an easy decision.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“Wedding planning means a lot of compromising, so I gave up some of my ideas along the way. But the ceremony was just as I imagined it, and better. Our little niece read out an abstract from a children’s book called ‘No matter what’ my Debi Gliori, and two of my closest friends read out poems that they have written for us. It meant a great deal to have them being part of our wedding ceremony. I still watch the videos now, and it still gets me every time!”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“We both like the color blue, so wanted to incorporate it in some way. We would have both loved our grandparents to have been part of our day, but sadly seven of them have passed away. Instead of wedding favours we opted for a donation to a charity called Alzheimer’s Society. Each guest was given a ‘forget-me-not’ flower pin badge to wear in memory of those who couldn’t be with us. The forget-me-not flower also featured on our wedding invitations, and the bracelet that I wore on the day of the wedding, a gift from now my mother in law, so it ended up becoming a bit of a symbol of our wedding. We decided to have a Scottish and a Cypriot band on the night and we were worried about how it will all flow. Our musicians were wonderful and kept the energy high all night! Some of the best moments of our wedding were seeing our family and friends from both counties dancing together.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

“I found your wedding blogs Chic and Stylish Weddings, Love4Weddings, EverAfter very helpful.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

Advice to a bride-to-be: “It’s easy to get carried away with expensive things and fancy decorations. Try not to get too caught up in all these and remember that at the essence of it, it’s all about two people who are in love making the choice to spend their lives together.”


Photography : Yiangos Photography

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