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"Autumn Colors" by Dawn Lajeunesse

By Novelreads @NovelReads

“Autumn Colors” by Dawn Lajeunesse is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Autumn Colors tells the story of Kerry and Charles, who have been married twenty years. However, Kerry never really said goodbye to her first fiance, Tom, who was lost to her forever nearly thirty years ago. Charles is a loving and patient man, but the persistent presence of Tom gradually erodes their relationship. Part of Kerry sees it happening, but another part won't let go of a past she feels she handled badly, as if keeping it present might give her a chance to change it. Just when she finally discovers what she has been throwing away for all of these years, her husband leaves her. Is it too late for them? Has she repeated with Charles the same pattern that had kept Tom at arm's length for so long? What will it take for Kerry to prove her love to Charles?

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