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Automotive Navigation System Advancements

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Automotive navigation systems advancements are worth noticing.

Automotive navigation system is a big boost for an automobile.

Automotive navigation system is also known as GPS - global positioning system.

meta name="description" content="Automotive navigation system is a form of global positioning system (GPS) that helps in finding directions in an automobile."/>
The automotive navigation system is for the purpose of finding directions. It is a big boost for the purpose of the control mechanism. Imagine you are in a new city driving alone and you are not at all aware of the routes of that city. In earlier days when there was no navigation system in the automobile, one would stop the vehicle on the way and ask passerby about the same. I remember how many times I was given wrong directions about the destination I enquired about. I have found that many people misguide even in case they are not aware of the route or destination. It is always good to say sorry and tell the person to ask from someone else instead of giving wrong directions.
Automotive Navigation System Advancements
The automotive navigation system helps you in finding the directions. You simply have to tell about your destination to the system. It tells you the route and opens the map on the mini screen meant for the purpose. In fact, these days, if you have downloaded relevant maps, you don't even need a data connection in the automobile. The new advanced systems are getting intelligent. The new automotive navigation systems are quite advanced. These systems generally are pre-installed in the automobile for most of the high-end vehicles. There are third-party vendors associated closely with the automobile manufacturers. These third-party vendors specialize in automotive navigation systems.
If your automobile is not equipped with a navigation system, you can get it installed from an authorized center. The advanced navigation systems not only give you multiple options for a destination but also tell you the vehicle density on the routes proposed. In fact, the intelligent systems besides telling you the traffic conditions, suggest you an alternative route with least congestion and hurdles. It was a wonderful experience for me in 2005 when I visited Holland. For the first time, I had seen a GPS or automotive navigation device installed in the vehicle. It was almost past midnight. My flight from Paris to Amsterdam had got delayed. My plan of reaching the hotel in Den Haag in the evening had gone haywire due to this. I was not sure if I will be reaching the destination or not.
Thanks to the cab that I took at Amsterdam. He just fed the name of the hotel I had booked in Den Haag and after that, it was so simple to reach the destination. The system was so accurate even during the time it was not even introduced in India. In Holland, it was already installed in 90% of the cabs. All new cabs were coming with a pre-installed navigation system in the vehicle. That was a fabulous experience I gained almost 11 years back.
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