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Autobiography of a Yogi’s False Christianity!

By Lambsaved

Many have heard of the Indian Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda’s spiritual onslaught to the west where he mesmerized them with tall yogic tales. An idea that he introduced to the western hemisphere was the idea of Christ Consciousness. A state of mind where you and the Father become one, an altered state of beingwhere you are one with the universe that you enter using the chakras or energy vortices of the body.
Autobiography of a Yogi’s False Christianity!
According to Paramhansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ’s contribution to humanity was his ability to access and utilize Christ consciousness which in effect opened the gateway for anyone to become a son of God by accessing the same state through the chakra in one’s body. He expounded this concept through biblical scriptures using verses from the bible to prove his point in his writings.
Though this seems like a very nice spiritual explanation for those with whom the message of the cross is foolishness and who seek deep secrets to gain access to heavenly realms. For those who are being saved this doctrine is a gross violation to the gospel we have inherited.
What was never stated!
“And the word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth”. John 1:14

Notice the verse very carefully, the word became flesh (underlined), the flesh did not become the word. When the word became flesh, Jesus Christ, the word which from the beginning was with God dwelt on the Earth in a human form as the only son of the Father.
They are deceiving us!
The Christ consciousness brigade are twisting the scriptures to denote that the flesh (Jesus Christ) became the word (Christ Consciousness), which means that all of us in the flesh have the opportunity to become the word i.e. Jesus Christ, if we can manage to access the Christ consciousness within us.
For those who know their Bible, this doctrine is blasphemous. The Bible says we have hope to become the children of God in adoption under the name of Jesus Christ, who is the firstborn of the dead. We will never ever be the direct children of God as is Jesus Christ.
What is the truth? You can’t see the truth...the god of this world has made you blind.
The truth is the Father has only one son, Jesus Christ. He is our intercessory and we have a hope of salvation in his name for he is our Adonai because he ransomed himself for us. We stand nowhere and can do nothing on our own.
Removing the confusion.
The Bible does ask us to seek the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, but this does not mean that there is a type of consciousness that exists in the heavens which Jesus managed to comprehend in his earthly flesh and we can do that too. Such a statement removes the divinity from Jesus Christ! But it does emphasis to use our Lord as the measure by which we chart our walk on the path of the Lord.

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