Auto Ignition Cylinder Failure Warning Signs and Troubleshooting

Posted on the 22 January 2019 by Calumet Pro Locksmith @ccylocks31

Auto Ignition Cylinder Failure Warning Signs and TroubleshootingYour car has many important locks found in its doors, trunk and elsewhere inside it. One of the most important locks is the one found in its ignition cylinder. It is an important part of your vehicles anti-theft system. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the locks on your vehicle that fails the most often and when it does fail most of the time it leaves you stranded. It can be a frustrating and time consuming chore to get you back on your way again when your auto ignition cylinder fails.

All is not lost as far as trying to prevent a failed ignition cylinder lock from leaving you stranded. Usually there are some signs that your ignition cylinder is about to have a major problem with its locking mechanism. There are also some troubleshooting steps you can try yourself with ignition cylinder lock that will keep you from getting stranded too.

What Is a Vehicle Ignition Cylinder/Switch?

In Lehman’s terms the ignition cylinder is where you put your key in the steering column to start your car. The entire body that surrounds the ignition cylinder is called an ignition switch. Once you insert your key into the ignition cylinder it sends anti-theft coding to the ignition switch. Once the ignition switch verifies the coding is a match it then allows you to turn your key and start your car.

Even though many cars nowadays are being built with keyless startup there are still many vehicles on the road with ignition switches. The ignition cylinder will usually be a four position switch that consists of the following positions:

  1. Unlocks the steering column
  2. Turns on the power to your car’s accessories
  3. Powers up your vehicles onboard computer
  4. Allows your car to crank up and start

Ignition switches are designed so that the ignition cylinder can be changed out pretty easily by someone who knows what they are doing like a locksmith or auto service tech. Most locksmiths carry spare ignition cylinders right on their service vehicles that will fit just about any make or model car.

Warning Signs Your Vehicle Ignition May Need a Repair Soon

Most of the time your ignition cylinder will not just suddenly fail without you having any prior trouble with it. They will usually give you some advance warning signs that indicate they are about to go. Most of the time the problems you encounter with your ignition cylinder are wear issues from it being turned so much over time.

Here are some of the warning signs that tell you that you are probably going to have to replace your vehicle ignition switch very soon:

  • You have trouble inserting your key into the ignition cylinder or taking it out
  • It gets hard to turn your key over in your ignition cylinder
  • Your steering column has trouble unlocking even when the key is in the ignition cylinder
  • The key turns in the ignition cylinder but your car still does not start
  • You turn the key and your accessories don’t come on
  • Your key slides in and out of the ignition cylinder with little resistance. This is a sign that either your key is getting worn or that your ignition cylinder itself is starting to get excessively worn out.

If you see any of these signs of possible ignition cylinder failure, then make sure you have it checked out right away by a professional locksmith or mechanic before it fails and leaves you stranded someplace.

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