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Autism.Rocks Sells for 10X More Than The .Com Did Last Year &

Posted on the 23 June 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains  reported today that the domain name Autism.Rocks sold for $100,000 in its weekly report.

The domain name Autism sold last year for $9,500 to the same Buyer.

The buyer paid more than 10X more for the new gTLD Autism.Rocks than he paid for the .com domain last year.

I just chatted with the Seller of the domain name, Chris Wilson who is a neighbor in Hollywood Florida  and who registered the domain for normal registration fees.

Mr, Wilson was offered $100,000 as the opening offer; which Mr. Wilson, who operates a non-profit site at accepted straight away.

Mr. Wilson is not a domainer, but a fighter for the Autism cause.

Mr. Wilson, the Seller of the domain name told exclusively, that The Buyer and Seller are not happy with, as they charged 15% to act as escrow agent for a transaction that they neither brokered or facilitated nor were involved in other than escrow agent.

The seller asked Sedo to take a portion of the escrow fee and contribute it to Autism.

Sedo declined according to the Seller.

I chatted with and  their basic escrow fee on a $100,000 domain name would be around $900.

So neither the buyer or seller who are both deeply involved in the Autism cause are thrilled about being overcharge $14K for escrow services.

We have called out Sedo in the past for including escrow only translations in their sales report but now that there is a huge charitable cause involved that takes it to a whole different level.

Congrats to Mr. Wilson who might have single handled changed the narrative for the new gTLDs.

As for Sedo it’s not a pretty picture and I have no idea of how you can charge 15% to only act as escrow agent.

Autism a condition which affects 1 in every 88 children

The escrow fees should have been contributed without a doubt.

Shame on Sedo

Congrats to the Seller and Buyer.

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