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Author Jennifer Beckstrand on Writing, Publishing, and Interruptions

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

Author Jennifer Beckstrand on Writing, Publishing, and InterruptionsMy Writing Journey—or Detour

You know how about four kids into your life you suffer from chronic insomnia because you can’t stop wondering what you forgot to do that day—like hug your child or go to the bathroom?

That is basically how I started my writing career. One night, a few months after the birth of my fourth daughter, I lingered on my pillow unable to sleep and decided to make up a story. It took me 15 years to finish my first romance. Once it was complete, I found an agent, Mary Sue Seymour, who asked me to try my hand at Amish romance. I fell in love with the genre and about five months later, I had a publisher. It was very exciting!

Writing Process—or Lack Thereof

I do a lot of sitting at the computer, staring at the blank screen, hoping by sheer will that words will come to me. The problem is that when I sit still for more than a few minutes, I invariably fall asleep. I have tried to correct this weakness by snacking while sitting at the computer, which leads to another, weightier problem. As long as my inspiration is flowing and my fingers are flying, I can usually stay awake, although, even on good writing days, my son often comes home to his mother sprawled out on the couch in the family room trying to steal a few minutes of sleep.

The advantage of being a task-oriented, stay-at-home mother is that many of my daily jobs allow ample time for musing. I ruminate while puffing on the treadmill or running a vacuum over my carpet or taking a shower. I am notorious for long, indulgent showers—my guilty pleasure. I do my best thinking in there. (My apologies to the green movement. But I do recycle!)

Sometimes the ideas WILL NOT come and there is all this pressure to get something done. The writing is challenging enough, but the promotion and marketing are mind-boggling. I still don’t have even a fraction of it mastered.

I spend about four hours a day writing, three days a week. The rest of the week is hit and miss, and I am very slow.

Balance—or Not

My motto as a stay-at-home mom is: “My interruptions are my work.” My family takes priority over my writing. So, when my children need me, I’m there. I have been able to manage my deadlines in such a way that I have a little more time for distractions. This summer, it has been nearly impossible to write, but my boys sleep in until 10:00 a.m. I can usually squeeze in a few hours in the morning.

Amish Romance—and Happy Endings

Author Jennifer Beckstrand on Writing, Publishing, and Interruptions
I currently write Amish romances, which is a blast to explore. I love romance in general and love to dream up wonderful stories. I’ve heard from many readers of Kate’s Song that they were tempted to read ahead just to make sure things turn out all right. They do! It’s a romance, after all, and I can’t resist a happy ending.

My first and second Amish romances in the “Forever After in Apple Lake” series are on the shelves now: Kate’s Song and Rebecca’s Rose. The third and final book in the series, Miriam’s Quilt, is scheduled for release early next year. I am currently working on another series about two Amish matchmakers. It will be super fun.

Author Jennifer Beckstrand on Writing, Publishing, and Interruptions

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Family, Kids—and Weddings

I have been married for almost 28 years to the same wonderful guy I fell in love with in college. I have six children. The four oldest are girls, and I have two boys at the end. Now that the daughters are out of the house, dinnertime is quite silent. My eldest daughter is married and has a baby son, my first and only grandchild. My third daughter got married in June and my second daughter got married in July. It was a crazy summer. We told my fourth daughter she can’t get married for at least a year. We are out of money? I promised myself I would take a very long nap after the second wedding and still haven’t got to it yet.


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