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Author Interview: Madhuri Varma: Author of 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Author Interview: Madhuri Varma: Author of 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma Madhuri Varma is a final year Computer Engineering student. Being an avid reader, she was inspired to pen down her own book 1 Love, 2 Religions. She is a columnist at UK Writers Forum and Intellinotions emagazines. Inspite of being an engineer, she is interested in Human Biology. She loves cooking in her free time. Many Many Happy Returns to Mr. Varma (Dad of Madhuri Varma) who must be proud to have a lovely daughter who is dedicating her interview to her father today! And Madhuri too must be a proud daughter to get you as father who gave ample space and air to let her talent get groom to the extent to make her a delighted author.
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Welcome Madhuri on board!
*Your real name and pen name?
-Both are same. Madhuri Varma.

*About your education
-Presently I am pursuing my graduation in Computer engineering.

*What career did you plan during your education days?


*What languages you can speak and write?
-English, Hindi and Marathi.

*What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
-My parents.

*What hurts you most in this world?
-Infidelity of any kind is something I cannot stand.

*What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
-The biggest challenge was to transform myself from being a doctor to being an engineer. My parents helped me a lot and it is just because if them that I am what I am today. I am thankful to God because He has always done what is best suited for me even when I don't know it myself. I guess that is why He is called God. He knows me better than myself.

*What is your favorite genre and why?
-I guess romance because I myself am a very romantic person. (laughs)
*When did you start writing?
-I have been writing since my school days, for elocution competitions and various others. Honestly, even I didn't realize when I turned into a writer, good enough to publish my own novel.

*What is the purpose of your writing?
-I write to express my thoughts because I can frame feelings better in writing than speaking.
*Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
Author Interview: Madhuri Varma: Author of 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma -My first novel 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma has been published in September 2013. It is a self narrative compilation of a girl named Sakshi as she passes through the very designated transits of her life. Life would have been a lot simpler if the 'event' called Love favored coreligionists. But unfortunately it's not so. Sakshi's life revolved around her besties namely Revathi, Ryan and Jake. Ryan and Revathi fall in love even before they realize that the are not from same religions to have a stable future in their relationship. Meanwhile Jake finds himself tangled in a relationship that he's not supposed to be in. Sakshi's life is molded and mended by all these events happening around her as she finally finds her man which adds yet another love story into this compilation of a young urban girl trying to come to terms with her life. Ryan and Revathi's dilemma over love and religion, Sakshi's sometimes-smooth-sometimes-bumpy life and Jake's unfortunate befuddlement all sum up to an exciting and romantic assemblage. I have also published an article titled "From MBBS to Engineering..." in the UK Writer's Forum. Link- The same is also published in Intellinotions emagazine. Link-
An interview of mine in early December was taken by an emagazine Intellinotions. Link-

*What are your forthcoming writings?
-I have a collection of short stories which I have been writing lately based on ideas that cross my mind. I plan to publish the entire collection. I'll also be publishing 2 more novels, one of which will be a love story and another will be a mystery.
*What are your future plans?
-I find myself writing whenever I imagine my future. (laughs)
*What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
-Grammar -Emotions -Connectivity between situations.
-Less language complexity, using simple English rather than including words which make the readers to have dictionary besides them while reading the book.

*Your favorite time of the day?
- Evening, when I am home.
*Your zodiac/ sunsign?
*Your favorite color and why?
-Green, because it is soothes the eyes.
*Some quickies:
Sun or Moon- Moon
Laughter or Smile- Laughter
Morning or Evening- Evening
Coffee or Tea- Coffee
Mountain or Sea- Sea
Long Drive or Short Drive- Long drive
Silence or Conversation- Conversation
Water or Fire- Water
Air or Earth- Air
Mars or Jupiter- Jupiter
Moon or Sun- Moon
Tulip or Rose- Rose
Red or Blue- Red
Left or Right- Left
Glance or Stare- Glance.
*State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote
If you want to be good, think about BEST and nothing short of it.

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