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Audible Presents: Live from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

By Pamelascott

Audible's live recording of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival brings you some of some of the most exciting and emerging stand-up comedians from Australia and across the world. From comedy veterans to hotly tipped up-and-coming stars, this live record puts you in the front row for an intimate and immersive audio experience and is sure to tickle your funny bone.

With 25 performances recorded exclusively for Audible across four shows, this is the next best thing to being there!


(Audible Original, 28 May 2019, 3 hours 20 minutes, audiobook, Audible Original Podcast, free from @audibleuk with membership, various narrators)



Some of the performances in these shows are very funny. I recognised some of the performers from Audible's podcasts from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And that's where the podcast let itself down in my humble opinion. I recognised a lot of jokes from the performers who were also in the Edinburgh Fringe shows. I mean a lot of jokes. Quite a lot of this material is recycled. The jokes were really funny the first time around but lose some of that in a repeat performance. There is no repeated material across the multiple Edinburgh Fringe Festival podcasts so I didn't expect any here. This made me enjoy the podcasts a lot less.

Audible Presents: Live from Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

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