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Atzin and Stevenson’s Bilingual Central Park Wedding

By Wedincentralpark @CentralParkWed

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Atzin and Stevenson live together in Manhattan, just a short walk from Central Park. They met in Mexico City ten years ago. Atzin is from Mexico, and Stevenson is from Texas. They got engaged near one of my other favorite famous places in the USA; the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

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Having lived in New York for around five years, they knew Central Park quite well, so there was never much of a discussion for them when it came to wedding location. They knew they wanted to get married in the lovely Central Park just a few blocks from their apartment.

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They did have some concerns about privacy, so one day then went out on a walk around the Park to look for quiet and secluded spots. They found Wagner Cove, which is down some stone steps on the edge of the Lake, a very popular spot for couples who want privacy. It is a truly lovely spot, and Atzin said that some of their favorite pictures were taken there and at the busier, but iconic Bow Bridge by the fabulous photographer Andy Mars.

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Atzin and Stevenson invited their families and closest friends. They had around twenty guests, and I would say any more than that might have been too many for Wagner Cove. The couple and the officiant stood in the wooden structure and the guests gathered around outside. Some of their guests were elderly so Atzin and Stevenson had brought along some folding chairs for them. The steps down to the Cove and the ground down there are quite uneven, so if is has been raining care should be taken with any elderly guests.

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They had both had in their back of their minds the idea that they would like a musician to play at their wedding, but had not wanted to go to the expense of booking one. They had arranged with their guests to meet on the corner at the 72nd Street and Central Park West entrance to the Park, and it just so happened that they spotted a cellist playing on the corner. We asked him if he would like to come along and play at their wedding and as luck would have it, he was delighted. It added a lovely touch to the ceremony.

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Many of Atzin’s family speak only Spanish so they had a bilingual ceremony, with the officiant saying a line in English, followed by the same line in Spanish, so that everyone could follow the ceremony. There were some nice Mexican traditions woven in to the ceremony, too.

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It was the height of summer, and though the ceremony was held in the late afternoon, it was still quite warm.  Stevenson dressed for the temperatures in a light gray suit and Atzin wore a long light gown from the Bridal Garden on 21st St. Atzin carried yellow billy balls and green succulents in her bouquet. Atzin’s hair looked fabulous, she had it done by a stylist named Benedict Yeo based in downtown NYC.

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After the photos were finished it was the cocktail hour, and time to go over to The Leopard at des Artistes, a restaurant close to Central Park on West 67th Street. Some guests walked over there, but some jumped in pedicabs, which was easy because they wait for passengers at Cherry Hill, at the top of the steps to Wagner Cove.

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Thanks for sharing your story with us, Atzin and Stevenson. Your wedding was truly lovely. For more information on a Central Park Wedding, check out our website.

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