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Attempted Murder - Suicide Was Work Related Not Domestic

Posted on the 10 August 2011 by Mikeb302000 reports
The two groundskeepers worked together on the same rolling fairways, buzzcut greens and sandy bunkers at the upscale country club in Bedminster.
But a work-related dispute between the two seasonal laborers turned bloody at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club yesterday, said Somerset County Geoffrey D. Soriano.
As related by Soriano, the episode began when Francisco Jimenez, a 59-year-old Orange resident, was waiting at the club entrance when his fellow groundskeeper arrived for work about 5 a.m., riding in the passenger’s seat of a car.
Jimenez flagged down the vehicle, walked to the side where his coworker sat and fired a gun twice into the man’s upper body, Soriano said. The driver floored the accelerator to get away, as Jimenez fled in his own car.

Later they found the shooter, Jimenez, dead from a bullet to the head. His family were shocked, saying there were no indications that he was capable of anything like this.
This story illustrates a point I've made a few times. When something like this happens, something shocking and violent, I don't think anyone is concerned whether the shooter had been a concealed carry permit holder. This information often gets lost in the shuffle of bigger issues, dead bodies and such.
The pro-gun crowd love to parade all their statistics about how law-abiding the CCW guys are, but the numbers they provide are inaccurate, they fail to include many cases like this one.
What's your opinion? Did Mr. Jimenez own the gun legally? If it turns out he did, is someone responsible for ensuring the statistics properly reflect this fact? I don't think so.
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