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Attempted Murder, Murder and Suicide in Illinois

Posted on the 23 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Quad-City Times reports all the gory details. But basically it's the same old story: abusive boyfriend, restraining order, he comes back with a gun.
The sister of the shooting victim wants to know one thing:
"How did a homeless man living in a laundromat get a gun?"
Now, that's a good question. The answer's simple though. Thanks to the gun-rights movement anyone can get a gun. The NRA and the gun lobby have worked hard and invested lots of money to ensure that anyone who wants a gun can get one. Of course they're talking about law-abiding folks, they certainly don't condone arming criminals. But, the easy access that criminals and mentally ill abusive boyfriends have goes hand-in-hand with the gun rights of the law-abiding.
It's called gun flow. Guns flow from the legitimate gun owning world into the criminal world like the mighty Mississippi.
For this reason gun control necessarily focuses on the law abiding. We hope that enough gun owners and even gun-rights activists are not of the fanatical kind and will eventually prevail along with their gun-control counterparts to improve the gun laws in the United States.
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