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Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

By Sam Thompson @thesupguide
  • Great weight/size relation
  • Ultra light aluminum paddle
  • Sleek design carry bag
  • Dual action pump

When buying an inflatable stand up paddle board, different paddlers will prioritize different features. Two of the most commonly highlighted are weight and size. Big and heavy athletes will often find themselves in need of a bigger, therefore heavier board. On the other hand, smaller sized enthusiasts usually go for smaller iSUP's, finding little to no incentive to carry several extra pounds worth of paddle board.

Built with a strong, lightweight, and durable material, the is easily one of the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boardbest iSUPs available. The Atoll iSUP is perfect for both the heavy paddler looking to lighten up their SUP cargo, and for the lightweight paddler looking for extra deck space without adding to their load.

Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll iSUP Features

  • Measures 11'0'' long, 32'' wide and 6'' thick
  • Supports riders at up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with an aluminum alloy paddle
  • Includes a heavy duty carry bag

At 11 feet, the Atoll inflatable SUP is one of the longest boards you can find in the market. Its 32-inch width and 6-inch thickness don't fall behind either. With these measurements, you might expect it to weight more than similar inflatable paddle boards. Instead, its ultra light, dual layer PVC ensure that is in fact 30% lighter than other boards with similar dimensions. Contrary to what most people think about this lightweight construction, the fact that both bottom and top of the iSUP have a double layer of PVC makes it extra resistant to most scratches you may suffer when adventuring into not-so-clear waters.

Despite being so light, the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board can safely carry up 300 pounds, allowing the paddler to bring along a generously stocked beer cooler or any other amenity, which can easily be tied to any of the 14 D-rings on the deck.

Weighing only 2 pounds and 2 ounces, the third generation aluminum alloy paddle with a nylon blade that comes with the Atoll iSUP will not disappoint the most demanding paddlers. It breaks down into three pieces for an easy and convenient packaging.


The heavy duty, nylon carry bag included in the Atoll iSUP package stands out for its sleek design. The mesh pattern on the sides allows the board to dry while being carried around, which will save you time and protect the bag from a prolonged exposure to moisture. The carry bag also comes with an extra tough 10-inch poly flex leash and a waist strap.

To help you fill this huge inflatable paddle board with air, third generation high pressure Bravo dual action hand pump, which will allow you to pump both when you push and pull

In case you crash it into a sharp reef or anything of the sort, you will also get a repair kit that will allow you to fix any minor damage in the board.

Things to Consider

The fact that the Atoll inflatable stand up paddle board only comes with one fin (no-screws-required set up) should not alarm you, but you may want to consider buying additional ones if you prefer the extra stability for straight tracking.

A common issue that customers report about the Atoll is the fact that it doesn't include detailed instructions, which for the experienced paddler shouldn't be an issue, but if this is your first iSUP it might be daunting to set up.

Finally, be aware of the perks that come with any high volume paddle board: lower speed and ability to maneuver.

An Excellent Choice!

The Atoll iSUP measures 11'0'' long, 32'' wide and 6'' thick and weighs considerably less than most boards in the market with the same size. It comes with a third generation, ultra light aluminum paddle, a fin, a repair kit, and a sleek, convenient carry bag.

Want more? Of course you do.

Take a gander at what the Atoll inflatable stand up paddle board looks like out in the wild.

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