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Athlete Salaries

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Athlete Salaries

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In this article by Mihir Bhagat, Bhagat speaks a bold truth. He provides jaw-dropping facts about the outrageous salaries of todays professional athletes. The context of Bhagat’s editorial is very simple, as he does not use strong adjectives to keep his readers interested. The predominate reason readers find this article so appealing is simply because of the facts mentioned.

All throughout the article Mihir Bhagat uses sarcasm and simple facts to set the tone his article. The picture accompanying his write-up even portrays a sense of sarcasm as Michael Phelps is swimming in a pool of money.

Bhagat also uses a “compare and contrast” tactic to draw in the reader’s attention. Most people probably would not expect that the majority of professional athletes make a significantly higher salary than the President of the United States. Even more unbelievable, Mihir shares with his readers that on average Kobe Bryant can earn the equivalent of a teacher’s salary just by making a basket.

As he begins to wrap-up the article I almost sense a feeling of frustration through his words. He talks about understanding the fact that being a professional athlete is no where near easy. These athletes are not neoteric to their skill, which allows him or her to up-hold such a career. The author modestly states his beliefs that if such an athlete is going to be paid such a high salary, he or she should at least live a respectable life. Unfortunately, a majority of the time this never happens.

I truly believe with the sarcastic remarks and shocking facts, Mihir Bagat undoubtedly proves his point that professional athletes make much more money than they actually deserve.

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