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Atelier Versace Spring 2014 Ft Lady Gaga. Beautiful Collection...

By Lauramoodley

Atelier Versace Spring 2014 ft Lady Gaga.

Beautiful collection but does it remind you of anything? My Last collection for example? lol

Funny how designers can come up with the same concept and ideas (such as hooded, backless dresses) despite never having collaborated. This is how trends come about though, designers pick up from similar inspirations and Voila! a trend is borne. 

The same happened last year with Georges Hobeika who’s Haute couture show featured neck-ruffs, something which features in my current collection which we are putting together, in the workshop, as we speak. A collection which I designed from my hospital bed in March of 2012. 

Its very interesting to see such ideas turn up in the wider fashion industry, as no one can really explain exactly how it happens. I guess its all about social circumstances and whats going on in the world that inspires designers and artists who accidentally produce visually similar work. 

The hooded dress has worked so well for me over the last couple of years, being very popular with my models and clients, that it will continue to show up in my work for the foreseeable future where as it may fall off the face of fashion tomorrow for all we know :p 

xoxo LLM 

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