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Astro Report – Predictions About Mr. V Babu

By Sanjeev Chaudhary @9GemDotCom

Astro Report - Predictions About Mr. V Babu


Our expert astrologer analysis customer’s birth chart and creates a prediction report in which they discuss the planetary positions, obstacles, solution, and also predict some parts of future life. Our expert astrologers recommend suitable gemstone which will help him to resolve different types of problems. Astrological gemstone helps to overcome the obstacle in an individual’s life.

About Customer:

Mr. V Babu wants to know about career, job, business, and marriage time and life. He also wants to know about suitable gemstone according to his birth chart.

Gem recommendation Report of Mr. V Babu

Mr. V Babu is having Scorpio as an ascendant and ascendant lord Mars is in the eight houses in Gemini sign. The Moon is in the Cancer sign in 9th house. Mr. V Babu is having a youthful appearance, a generous disposition, and fierce eyes. He is fickle-minded and loves much excitement and is inclined to sensual things in reality.

He is a good correspondent and invites friends from among people throughout the world. He can become a good musician if he cares to practice that art. He is best in fine art, dancing and the like. His constitution is hot and he is liable to suffer from piles after the 30th year.

He is silent and dignified and never speaks before weighing each and every word. Married life may not be very happy. The Jupiter sub-period under the main period of Ketu has started from 3rd December 2018 and it will end on 9th November 2019. Exemptions from ailments, acquisition of land, profitable transactions, association with people of good position, and the danger of poison are the common results during this period. He will start well, earning after the age of 25years.

When the Mercury sub-period will start on 18th December 2020, he will have a good source of income. He should marry after the age of the 28th year. Otherwise, also, marriage will take place after 15th December 2021 when Venus main period will start. Before the 28th year, there are strong chances of separation in marriage or even in love affairs.

He should wear Yellow Sapphire (gemstone of Jupiter) of 13+rati (as per body weight) in the gold ring (or in the pendant) in the first finger of his right hand on Thursday morning during the first hour of the day after sunrise on waxing Moon days.

Jupiter is the lord of the second and the fifth house in his horoscope and is placed in the 12th house in Libra sign with Rahu and Venus. Placement in 12th house in Libra sign with Rahu makes Jupiter weak and Jupiter is not able to give the desired results.

The Second house represents family, face, speech, right eye, manners, self-acquired, optimism, food and wealth. The Fifth house represents intelligence, soul, discriminating power, children, fame, and position. Weak Jupiter is not able to give the full results of these two houses.

To get the full results of Jupiter, he should wear Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is known to give name and fame, trade wisdom, sharp memory, high position, increase in professional status, increase in income, gains, inclination towards religion, domestic happiness, happy married life, happiness through children and long healthy life.

Mr. V Babu’s Feedback

As per his recommendation report, astrologer suggests him to yellow sapphire gemstone and after wearing yellow sapphire he felt the positive energies in his body. Feeling confident and he said that he planned in his life and doing according to that.

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Astro Report – Predictions About Mr. V Babu

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