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Asking Alexandria - Reckless and Relentless

Posted on the 04 September 2011 by Ripplemusic
 Reckless And Relentless
By now some of you Waveriders know about the band Asking Alexandria. For those that don't, well here is your lesson. Asking Alexandria are a metalcore band out of North Yorkshire, England. I know what you're saying, “ Cicatriz, this is just another generic ass metalcore band....chuga chuga deep growl chuga chuga.”, but alas you are mistaken. They do something a little different with their brand of metalcore, they add trance and techno to their songs and breakdowns. I know I know, trance and techno and metal, those don't go together. Wrong again, it sounds pretty good and is a welcome change to the norm. Though many bands coming up in this scene seem to be adopting more and more techno beats, Asking Alexandria do it best. In my opinion at least. Reckless and Relentless is the sophomore album for Asking Alexandria.
The opening track on Reckless and Relentless welcomes you with open arms, simply entitled “Welcome”. It begins with a light piano intro. It's nice. Slowly more symphonic are added and you are hit with your first drum machined beat. I few seconds later you are hit with brutal vocals that lead us into the first proper track, “Dear Insanity”. Asking Alexandria utilizes two vocalist. It's your classic screamer and singer combination.
“Oh sweet insanity
You take my hand and walk me out into the dark
We walk this road for hours and hours
To the white hills, and the oceans
On a collision course, to hell we march
We're doomed to this now
Oh the irony
If I'm going down I won't go down alone
You're doomed to this one
You're doomed to this now
Hold your breath my dear
We're going under”
There are quite a few standouts on this album. One being the song, “Morte Et Dabo”. It's really catchy. It my vote for the most well put together song on the album. The middle breakdown is awesome and the way it ends in orchestral fashion is great.
“Morte et Dabo
Morte et Dabo
So he came forth and said unto me
Son you are forsaken
Condemned for the sins that you live
I offer you forgiveness
Bow down before me
Bow down before me
I'll never bow to he who claims to be divine
I'll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands
And burn the world that you rule over
No matter how convinced you are you're not a god of mine
You're not a fucking god of mine
I never believed in you
From what I see it was justified
I never believed in you, in you
This power over the masses is a gift you don't deserve
When your blood spills, I'll drink from your skull
You can run but you can't hide
[ Lyrics from: ]
Bitch, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your eyes right out of your self-righteous face
Lord, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your tongue out of your rancid fucking mouth”
Overall, Asking Alexandria new album shows a much more mature band. Not having to rely on breakdowns. Don't get me wrong, the breakdowns are still there, they are just much more creative than their last album. If you were a fan of Asking Alexandria's last album, Stand Up And Scream, then you will like this one too.
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