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Ask Allie: All About Undergarments

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen

Ask Allie: All About Undergarments

I really like how you look in the Lands End green dress, but it looks skimmy and I'm wondering if you have some undergarment suggestions. I usually have to wear some kind of bike shorts type thing (ah, chafing!) under dresses and skirts. However, the kinds I have often have the subsequent problem of waistband lines and bulges. Help?

Under my Lands’ End dress I wear these briefs from DKNY – they control enough without constricting and give a nice smooth line.  Bike shorts are nice on hot sweaty days but they do show with this dress.  I find if I slather my thighs with Body Shop's Body Butter (my fave is Coconut), I can get through a work day or low-walking day without chafing.

Am I the only person who sweats DOWN THERE in the heat? Sometimes I get up from a seat and see an imprint of my butt and I am soggy after a walk in the summer. Is there a product to fix this?

Nope, you’re not the only one. I often do a swipe of deodorant at my tailbone to prevent sweat from dripping down there, but I have never seen a product specifically for this. I feel that it needs to breathe, and while a “soggy” crotch may not be appealing, it’s better than clogging pores, stopping the body from flushing out bacteria, and all that jazz.
I recently tried Knockout Panties and think they are great for this issue. The crotch is 100% cotton and wicks away moisture, it also has odor-absorbing molecules. All this and they are relatively cute too. I have the Lacy Brief which is high enough to prevent a waistline in fitted skirts, has no VPL, and stay in place all day while keeping “down there” feeling dry and comfortable.

I hate having my bra show through tee shirts and you never seem to have that problem. What Tshirt bra do you wear?

I wear the Fantasie Moulded Smoothing T-shirt Bra – I have one in nude and one in black. Gives a good shape and is virtually invisible under knits, even white ones!  You can read about how I chose these bras here.

Do you have any recs for nursing bras? Feel free to direct me to the blog as I am sure you may have written about this.

My favorite nursing bras were from the brand Anita, which you can find at Nordstrom and many online bra boutiques. Some don’t like them because they are underwire and can supposedly affect milk production, but I never had that issue. I liked that they looked like normal bras, had a shape that didn’t have them show with v-cut and lower neck tops, and actually supported and defined my breasts instead of smooshing them into one lump. They aren’t cheap, but I know you can find them online for decent prices; also check eBay where I sold mine after I finished nursing and saw many more for sale in almost-new condition.
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