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Posted on the 07 April 2013 by Smudger @ChristopherSm73
This is a short announcement for any followers of my blog.
I am currently writing some articles for, as well as writing on here, and here is a list of recent articles in case any of you are interested.  I usually don't re-blog these articles on my site but I might occasionally in the future.  All of the articles listed below have not appeared on my site.
1. Deals with the similarities between North and South Korea.
2. Private schools from the perspective of Korean students, showing what a misery they can be.
3. Examining the big differences between the old and the young in Korea.
4. The old chestnut of prejudice of white Western men and Asian women, but why do the same issues keep cropping-up?  A reminder of what can be experienced by such a couple.
5. Sexual harassment of nurses in Korea.
6. Stories of the past in Korea told by my Korean grandmother.
7. Chinese tourists are becoming more prevalent and create real issues.
8. Bullying in South Korea, especially in the workplace.

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