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"As-You-Like" Muffins

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
These are one of my first muffin recipes.  When I was writing TEV, I remember thinking "I want a wholesome muffin that can be easily switched up with add-ins and flavors".  Rather than one muffin that is 'cinnamon raisin', and another that is 'coconut pineapple', and one more that is 'chocolate chip'.  I knew that if the base batter was flexible enough, the home baker could adapt as they like.  Hence 'As-You-Like' Muffins were raised.

Yes, there are some muffin recipes that are very unique in flavorings and ingredients that specific recipes are certainly needed.  If using a more unique flour, like almond meal, or when adding wet ingredients (ex: fresh berries) or cocoa powder (as the ratio of baking soda usually changes)... that's when specifically tailored muffin recipes are needed.
But, most times if you have a basic go-to batter, you can switch up dried fruits, nuts, spices and extracts easy enough.  These muffins fit the bill.  Best of all, they are light and fluffy and tender (as any good muffin should be)... BUT are low in fat and sweetener (as most muffins should be, but aren't)!

These nummy muffins are on page 164 of TEV...
and also just now posted on my recipes blog.  Enjoy!  :D

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