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As Life Changes Some Things Remain The Same

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

supernaturalIt is very important for an individual to know one’s past to know where one comes from and to learn from one’s own past through the experiences, discoveries, and advancements of life.

Those are vital necessities and acknowledgements for us to take into consideration, when we are properly equip within our own identity then we have a strong sense of self and security. I am a person who constantly evolves I never stay the same in specific areas of grasping as those spaces within me are significant places of growth and further development.

And while levelheaded people such as myself will consistently seek out to achieve and to progress throughout their lifetime there will always be those in particular who will forever continue to persist on with their, prying, meddling and hassling as they remain stagnant.

The smarter or more intellectual that one is, the more good or better that one is and/or the more unique that one is often will result in the hardships that one is usually going to have to endure sometime within their life of interacting with the average people. And if one is a “magical” person then they are headed and are in for an even more dangerous “roller coaster ride” throughout their journey.

tree magic
There will always be bad people who will downplay good people and who are going to cause and/or bring about problems toward them.

The most important thing to remember throughout the whole ordeal is that those particular people are in a dark place and while they may cause hindrance within others in order to move up for themselves or to keep one down low along with them they are not happy.

They will never be able to undo their self-inflicted predicament.

For those in particular, we have love inside, no regrets, self respect, intellect, knowledge and strength, peace of mind, true contentment and a deep spiritual fulfillment and foundation.

So while the opposition has their struggles with their own selves we have our pleasantness from within our own that no one can ever take away.

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