As an Applicant, How Can I Make Sure Whether My Job Offer is Valid Or Not?

Posted on the 24 January 2022 by Richard Peirce @TalCoWW

What's worse than not being able to find work in Canada? Being a victim of a bogus employment offer from Canada. You can contact with Canada immigration consultants.

Getting a job in Canada can practically improve a skilled worker's life in India, Vietnam, or any other growing economy. A well-paying position that offers professional challenges, valuable international work experience, and the possibility of permanent residency in Canada may appear to be a dream come true.

Many con artists, on the other hand, take advantage of such fantasies and use phoney job offers from Canada to raise money for 'visa formalities' or 'work permit processing.' Continue reading for facts that will help you determine whether or not the Canadian job offer you received in your email is genuine.

You may have the offer without even applying

You might have a qualified professional on your hands who would be a valuable asset to any company or corporation you join.

You can always get in touch with Canada immigration consultants.

There is a lot of competition for jobs in Canada, so the chances of an employer providing you a job without ever seeing your CV or resume are slim.

Check to see if the offer has been framed in such a way that it may be mailed to a big number of people without any modifications. Instead of specifying your name, the email will begin with a generic salutation like Hi/Hello.

No default information should be given

A real employment offer will always be written on the letterhead and will include full contact information, such as phone numbers and addresses.

a.   Name of the business or firm

b.   Contact address

If the job offer does not provide precise contact information and you are asked to respond to the email without validating the firm's legitimacy, you are most likely dealing with a phoney employment offer.

A really professional firm will not hide its contact information or seek your approval before giving information that will assist you in determining whether or not the firm is legitimate.

A generous job offer

A job offer with a lavish pay and good benefits that are much more than the market rate should be viewed with caution.

To be approved by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), a business must offer a wage that is equivalent to or higher than the minimum wage.

You can consult the professional consultants and focus on immigration to Canada from India.

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