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Artificial Flowers- Why Faking It Isn’t Always Bad

By Hollie Brooks @MiaFleur_home

There’s a bit of hype about artificial flowers at the moment, in fact I’ve read a few articles such as this one by Daily Decorum, asking what people think to them and it seems that despite horrendous memories of garish, ghastly looking faux flowers that we’ve seen in previous years, artificial blooms are well and truly back.


The initial expense may seem a little off putting to start with, but when you consider that a real bouquet that lasts perhaps a week at best might cost you £5-£10 (for a supermarket, not florist version) compared with a beautiful artificial bouquet which you can buy for as little as £15.50 and will last forever, there really is no comparison. Of course, the beauty of faux flowers is that you can keep adding to them as well.  You could start with a smaller bouquet and then every month or every few months treat yourself to a few more stems to add to it.  Once you’ve got a bit of a collection, then the fun really begins and you can get creative mixing and matching the displays to create different looks.

There’s also the obvious benefit for those with allergies- my brother always ends up in a sneezing fit when he comes round if we have to many real flowers around!


Of course, I still love real flowers and I will always have fresh blooms in the house, but in an ideal world I’d have them brightening up every room in my house.  Since I do not have the weekly budget for said flower expenditure, artificial are the perfect way to bridge the gap.

We often have customers and friends enquiring as to how real they look. Well, as with many things in life, it depends how much you want to spend! Generally, the more you pay the more realistic they are.  For instance our fresh touch range has latex in them, which actually makes them seriously realistic, not just from a distance, or even up close, but once you’ve touched them, you’d still be hard pushed to know the difference.  Flowers in the fresh touch range include the dahlia and the fuji chrysanthemum. That said we have chosen our entire range because of how realistic they look. All of the artificial hydrangeas for instance, look fantastic and we have often had friends at the house who comment on them, when I say that they’re fake, they’re genuinely shocked!


I’d love to know what you think to artificial flowers? Are they already gracing many a vase in your house, or are you not quite ready to forgive and forget the sinners of the past?!

I’d like think that if you’re not already converted, our brand new range of moody, dramatic and oh so realistic blooms will definitely get you faking it.

Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Amelia and Jacqui Brooks

Artificial Flowers- Why Faking It Isn’t Always Bad by Hollie Brooks

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