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Article of a Friend: Climate Change and Environmental Problems: the Very Great Confusion

By Luphil

I normally only post articles written by me. This, however, is an exception – sharing an article of a friend. It is published on the site Radiyam, administered by her. Also in French. Any comments please to her contact address.
She wrote in her e-mail: ” Here is a new article to put things in real perspective about  the climate change. Too many information are incomplete or distorted. Truth must be heard. Thank you for dispatching it at all levels.
With cordial greetings
sylvie touranne geographer, life coach, homeopath

“The «Friday strikers», the grouped activists, the young and old alike who are moving around these issues, actually form huge layers of glamourous clouds across the planet. Another pollution. They unfortunately undermine any true action. And this is a pity. For, among them, are innovative individuals with creative ideas and solutions. Those are able to find the right ground to the effective changes on harmful habits.

Talks and comments of all those crowds are quite childish unfortunately. When they are not instrumentalised. Through (pseudo) scientific, economical, or governmental information. It is true that we could forgive the very young pupils their lack of discrimination. But they take ownership of the public road in anarchic ways. And this is more serious. As they do know naught of what it is about. Or so little. Quite far from the right of expression, the right of opinion, and that of gathering in groups.

So, let us be clear and let us start by so-called scientific utopias, relayed by the media in unfortunate «fake news»: struggle against the climate is not possible. To protect the climate is not possible. Lower the mean temperature is not possible. Those talks are an implausability with no scientific substantiation. For scientific measurements, statistics and resulting theories m do not take into account the the time required for realistic values.

Climate is not meteorology.

Climate is not only CO2 in the atmosphere.

Climate and planetary variations must be evaluated upon dozne of centuries, and millenaries.

Planet Earth climate has its source in the Sun evolution and its structure.

The Sun is the key to the climate cycle lived on the ground of Planet Earth.

The Sun is alwas the key when we speak about Life.

The Sun is always the key, when we speak about consciousness and illumination.

Those scientists who avoid the Sun datas and its actual cycle, are not in the stream of real truth.

We are now in a major threefold cycle: terrestrial, solar, galactic.

Which involves multiple changes. In all Life Kingdoms on Earth. And the basic universal law that applies is always the same: conscious advancement, rejuvenation, rebuilding can only operate after the destruction of old forms. What we are witnessing every day. Until we can adapt. The quicker the better.

What MUST CHANGE upon our planet, which plan stops at letter A, regards the environment that we modify by our acts and habits, to overcome. So then the activists are right to move. But with appropriated datas and information that suit such an engagement.

Environmental pollutions and their following disasters are the avoidable consequence of economical and industrial development of the nations. The risks involved are related to the ingorance of functionings, that must be better managed and assured.

But some have understood that they could easily use without restriction nor morality what Nature offers freely, and drain it the most possible: this is the environmental crime !

It exist internationally at all levels.

A gainful economy, so close to the big business of drugs, that reaches amounts around 200 billion dollars… Practices like wood industries (deforestation), pharma and agro-food industries, oil (continental and oceanic), bio technologic industries, waste industry. Benefits have no more limits. But above all, the actors of this criminality gather together very openly at the «must» international reunions, where hyper powers are packed to deliberate on possibilities of «raising the number of zeros» to their criminal practices and growing sales figures, regardless of the environmental impact. This is called the «Green Finance».

Environmental criminality is very mobile, for it follows the national laws, to bypass them easily. More, those organisations assign wherever possible the patenting of Nature’s products for private use. And therefore cut the access of those same products to the populations that live on the concerned territories. The well known examples are the deforestation in Indonesia (huge palm oil plantations) and Amazonia (fields of GMO soja damaging human and animal DNA), and perhaps one of the most serious, the monopolisation of thousands of water sources in a growing number of countries, to manufacture bottle waters, that let the populations without the main life resource. And we can add the «international logistics of waste», contaminated culture soils with pesticids and other chemicals, seed patents for single use, and housing land expropriation for the flourishing extraction of oil from bituminous shale gaz. All those industrial practices are supported by governments. In those conditions, environmental degradation is truly a crime, organised by economical, political, law and scientific actors.

As regarding the individuals, they are more aware of their personal impact and make efforts to change habits daily. But shouting in the street does not change anything so far.

The environmental international criminality (eco-crime) is a planetary open wound. A major harm with total impunity, that affects the general consciousness and creates victims everywhere. And Planet Earth rebells with its instruments: fires, storms, earthquakes.

The interdependence of those illicit activities needs the indispensable and continuous work of a supranational legal frame, concerning the massive violation of environmental laws, directly damaging human rights. The International Criminal Court (ICC) could well be more engaged, since Interpol (International Police Service) has a hunt down and detection department for those environemental mafias.

This is the major way to fight against environmental pollutions and illegal actions, to be removed worldwide.

As for the climate, it will change the main planetary water cycle, inviting us to change again our habits. Because after the repeated raise of temperatures, it will be cold.

So, let us target the real issues.

The key word is adaptation.

Sylvie Touranne

Article of a Friend: Climate Change and Environmental Problems: the Very Great Confusion
“Sun and Dark”, lp, August 2019

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