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Article : Blessed with Her Love

By Arjuunsahay

Article : Blessed with her love

My beautiful mother Happy Birthday

She is not a machine but works like one, she is not a teddy bear but when you hug her she feels like one, She is the nurse when you are sick, your therapist when you are dealing with some emotions and since childhood she is the one you go to with most of your problems and for all this all she ask for nothing in return but for her children to have a healthy and a prosperous life. Being a mother is often a thankless job, you will see her working from the day that you are born and worry even after you reach your adulthood. She deals with our phases of teenage where she doesn’t understand us and other phases where she is not qualified to understand our problems. But never will you see her shy away from her responsibilities or stop caring even if you think we are able enough to care for yourself. Now when I have talked about mothers in general, I want to talk about the mother I have been blessed with and this post is dedicated to her.

I love my family and they are the only reason I still stay in Bhopal. I could have stayed in any part of the world but still there is no place like home, it is my sanctuary, my resting place a place where I feel secured, not to mention I can’t get her taste in cooking at any place else. I have this amazing mother who even at her age is one of the most beautiful ladies I have seen. Even when age is catching up to her she still manages to look as amazing as ever. I think she is more adorable than beautiful with her little antics. She is always obsessing about her weight and maybe that’s not her fault, I have not met a girl or a woman who doesn’t wanted to shed a few pounds. I have seen my mother with her friends and from many observations I can predict what they are going to talk about. It will start with the talks about maids and then about some festival or fast and then comes the talk about how much weight that lady has lost or she is on that type of a diet and also few topics of sale, kids and husbands. The one thing I admire most about her is how she brings life to this house of ours. She is the voice and also vigour of our home; I remember this one time she had gone to Shirdi for two days as she is a big believer of Sai Baba. If I try to put words to the atmosphere in the house I would have to leave a blank space as nothing was going on. I and dad just did our own stuff; we talked during lunch and rest of the time we both stayed in our own rooms. I could see that dad felt alone but I couldn’t do much, the best part was when she returned, like always he appreciated her so much and also told her that it was not same without her, the only good part of her vacation was, both me and dad lost a few pounds. We just can't say no to her delicious cooking and upon her return after freshening up the first thing she did was to make us breakfast. She has always been my pillar of strength and the one who I always fight with, she would come and pester me just so I get agitated but that is one of her many charms, I couldn’t be much luckier to get a mother like her, even though I am not the one who chose this family but I am glad I was born in this one. So mom this posts is dedicated to you and I pray you live a long and healthy life and hope all your wishes which are not yet fulfilled may come true. I for one really appreciate your love and undying devotion towards this family and even if I might not have been a perfect son, I hope my words could show how grateful I am to have you in my life. On 24-July was my mother's birthday and this was few of my words for her which I wanted to say and share with all of you, thanks for reading. Arjuun Sahay

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