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ART IS ART.... Everything Else is Everything Else.

By Mmpotrony @mmpotrony
Yesterday I had my first class of Visual Culture and let me tell you that I LOVED IT! It was amazing and the teacher was one of those people that can make anything look interesting. I always thought that art history was probably the dullest thing ever, I mean, study painters from last decades, centuries and millenniums? come on! But actually It was really revealing, and the most shocking thing is that this will probably be one of my favorite classes of all. It so unrealistic all the history and difference stories that a simple paint can tell, all the wisdom, knowledge, and secretes they hide.

ART IS ART.... everything else is everything else.

L'Angelus, Jean-François Millet.

I want to share with you something that really catch my attention, a paint by Jean-François Millet, L' Angelus. You know, if I had probably seen this paint in any museum, I wouldn't even stop to look at it, because for me it doesn't has anything interesting at simple sight, but when the teacher start explaining, I was totally cautivated.

ART IS ART.... everything else is everything else.

Jean-François Millet

The Angelus, was the evening prayer that christian people did, every town church played the bell at some hour at evening, and people left whatever they were doing, and went to church to pray. In the paint we can actually see a couple, who are workers or really poor people praying, in the background we can actually see the town and the church tower, but it looks like they didn't have time to arrive there with all the work they had, they look almost excluded, and what we can see at first sight is that they are praying over some potato skin, like if they were asking God for food, and actually the original title that Millet gave to the paint was, Prayer for the Potato Crop.

ART IS ART.... everything else is everything else.

Salvador Dali

But thats not the interesting part, don't worry, the thing is that years later Salvador Dali -one of my favorite artist, he is just nuts- claimed his obsession with this paint. He said that he grow up watching this paint in every corner of his school and he manage to saw thing beyond what everyone else saw and actually he became obsessed by the idea that the couple was more certainly praying over their buried child -not a bunch of potatoes-. He became soo obsessed  with that idea that he actually write a book about that, and he was so stubborn with that concept than after his dead, the paint was analyzed with X-ray, and people appreciate the presence of a child coffin under the potatoes bag -I got chills with this-. The initial idea of Millet was to pint the coffin, but he changed his mind because he was affraid that this idea wouldn't satisfied the parisian taste, and he was right, because that paint manage to decorate every single parisian house.

ART IS ART.... everything else is everything else.

El Angelus, Salvadr Dali

It was The Angelus, who became the fundamental object of the development of his paranoia-criticism, which would appear through all of Dali's art works and masterpieces. I hope you have found this quite interesting as I did, and I'm sorry If you just find that boring, but the truth is that I'm now in love with art history, and declare my self an art freak.

ART IS ART.... everything else is everything else.

” El que yo no sepa cuál es el significado de mi arte, no significa que no lo tenga.” 


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