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Posted on the 29 April 2011 by Thehangline

To celebrate their 25-year involvement with the art community, Beck’s beer, with the help of Posterscope’s Hyperspace division, created these murals in Shoreditch, London. Below is a brief backstory and a time-lapse video of the event.

…alongside a wider outdoor advertising plan they commissioned us to create some landmark ads in and around Shoreditch. As part of this we executed 8 bespoke murals on Great Eastern Street, which showcased the 6 winning designs of a creative competition that Beck’s ran which was designed to inspire and uncover the next generation of Art Label talent.

I’ve quoted it often, I’ll keep quoting it – “outdoor advertising is an event.” Hyperspace exemplifies it here. Just look at all the people that stop and snap photos simply because something is happening. If these were just printed posters, I doubt that Beck’s would have the same result. Instead, they link their brand with art by literally creating art and inviting passersby to watch. These viewers have been transformed into participants and now have a personal link to the brand. Good job to Hyperspace for taking the concept the extra mile.

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