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Arizona Student Wears Confederate Flag To High School On ‘Redneck Day’

Posted on the 26 May 2013 by Mikeb302000

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A student in Arizona at Queen Creek High School wore a large Confederate flag on Wednesday at a day the school celebrated called “Redneck Day,” which prompted anger among some African-Americans and civil rights leaders because of what the flag represents and the title of the day itself, which is a stark reminder of segregation and slavery.
Steve Montoya, a prominent civil rights attorney in Phoenix said, ”Among other things, the Confederacy represents the horrible institution of slavery, and that is a direct attack on African-Americans.”

I can't wait to hear all the defenses and justifications for this abhorrent and nearly-treasonous behavior. It's bad enough to celebrate something called "Redneck Day," with it's unflattering connotations of low-educated, beer-swilling, Southerners - fans of professional wrestling who mainly live in trailer parks, but when you bring the Confederate Flag into it, you're getting into racist, anti-American territory.
What's your opinion?  Is Arizona vying to retake the crown?

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