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Arizona Parenting in the Gun World

Posted on the 02 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
Channel 5 KPHO reportsArizona Parenting in the Gun World
Gilbert police have arrested a man they say promoted a fist fight between his two sons and a schoolmate and then pulled a gun and threatened a group of teens watching if they interfered.
Gabriel Alberto Conde was arrested and booked into the Maricopa County Jail. He is being held on $75,000 bond for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, threats and other charges.
When it appears Canada is getting the upper hand, Conde orders his older son to get involved making it two against one. Canada is not taken to the ground.
"That's when they got me. It was all kicks to my face. It was all kicks," said Canada.
Police say as the fight continued, some of Canada's friends started to close in, and it appeared they were going to step in to help their friend. But witnesses told police Conde took out a gun and started waving it around and threatening to shoot anyone who interfered.
I realize many of our gun friends will object to being swept up with this guy under the heading of "Gun World." But, can they really? I don't think so.
You see, the world is divided into two types of people, the ones who own guns and the ones who don't, that would be the Gun World and the non-Gun World. The ones who own guns are further divided into sub-categories, but they all share certain characteristics which are lacking in the non-gun group.
One of those traits is to pass on to the kids their love of guns, their ideas on gun safety, and with boy children, how to grow up to be men.  Gabriel Alberto Conde is a typical example in that he is passing on to his sons what he himself has, his values, his notion of right and wrong and of course his ideas of what it means to be a man.
This is true of all the rest, in fact it transcends the boundaries of the Gun World.  We all pass on to our children only what we ourselves have, good or bad.
What's your opinion? Although my dividing the world into two types of people is an over-simplification, don't you agree the gun owners both lawful and criminal have more in common with each other than either group has in common with the gun control folks? That makes sense doesn't it?
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