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Are Your Product Feeds Google Ready?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
If you have a website and are selling products Google is changing their requirements for product feeds September 22nd, 2011. If you are not familiar what a product feed is, according to Wikipedia, it is a file that contains all information about the products of a specific company or companies in the e-commerce industry. Product feeds supply the content that is presented on many different types of e-commerce websites such as search engines, price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and other similar aggregators of e-commerce information. In some cases they are generated by the online retailer and in some cases the information is extracted using web scraping or harvested web harvesting from the online shops website.
Are Your Product Feeds Google Ready?
As you can see in the above example of our nursing scrubs a product picture shows up in the search, making it stand out and on the first page of Google. This helps in better results and more visits to your website thus leading to more sales.
Are Your Product Feeds Google Ready?
To learn more about the Google product feed changes in their merchant center please click here.You must first step up a merchant account if you don't already have one.
I'd love to learn more about product feeds using WordPress or Blogger if you are selling on these websites. Are they downloadable or must you create a product spreadsheet first? Drop a comment here on using product feeds.

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