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Are You Your Own Biggest Fan???

By Chasingjoy @chasing_joy

Are You Your Own Biggest Fan???

Me & the Lovely Models Jese (left) & Collene (center)

I just came in from one of the best Sunday Afternoons that I’ve had in a long time. Today I attended Real Women Have Curves: Fashion Tips for the Full-Figured Fashionista at the lovely BellaNoir Boutique in Philly. I was already planning to write a blog post sharing what I learned at this event. What I had not planned or expected was to leave the event super excited to tell you all how inspired, encouraged, and empowered I felt.
The class was structured to cover the different body types and how to best dress them for optimum hotness. We also were to hear from two plus sized models about undergarments, shape wear, self-esteem and loving yourself. I would describe the class structure as a self-esteem boost and self love lesson emphasizing how to be your Own Biggest Fan and look the part. As we discussed Beyonce performing in quadruple layers of spanx, strawberry, pear, and apple body shapes, along with the fashion disaster that is the uniboobs (all of which I’ll get into later) the overall topic of self acceptance and loving one’s self was on going.
The class was interactive and we all went around the room sharing what our favorite and least favorite body parts were. Both of the models, Jese Gary, and Colleen Stovall of Short Curvy Fierce emphasized knowing what you feel your best features are and showcasing them. If you love your girls then put them out there. Not in the girls gone wild lift your top kind of way. But in the just the right amount of cleavage, jewelry and flattering top that makes you feel like a million bucks, kind of way. If you feel great about how you look then no one else can tell you any different. Become your Own Biggest Fan.
When Jese said she was her Own Biggest Fan, I had to ask myself, Am I My Own Biggest Fan??? Unfortunately, answering honestly, I have to say No. When I have talked about losing my dad I have often said that I have lost my biggest fan. My dad was my biggest fan, not because he was any more supportive or encouraging than my mom, he was just louder. A Lot louder LOL! :-) I was very blessed to have one of those dads who made sure that I always felt beautiful, smart, and capable of just about anything. So now it is time for me to step up to the plate, take advantage of that awesome foundation of support, encouragement, and praise and become My Own Biggest Fan.
Colleen spoke about being confident in who you are and loving yourself and how life is to short to not enjoy it. Some people naturally have that confidence while other come into it a little later. Colleen confidence has taken her from being camera shy to a plus sized model. She has become her Own Biggest Fan and is excited to share her beauty in print and on the runway.
While we talked of self acceptance and putting our best foot, leg, or whatever your favorite feature is forward we also talked about being healthy. As we acknowledge that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that not everyone was meant to be a size 4 we were reminded that health is the important thing. Not only looking our best, but feeling our best and having mobility are top priority. It all comes down to what’s on the inside, inside of our bodies in terms of health and inside of our minds regarding confidence and self esteem.
So, before I share with you all of the fashion tips I learned about different body types and how to best dress them for optimum hotness, tell me Are you Your Own Biggest Fan???

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