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Are You Using the Right Aftershave?

By Attireclub @attireclub

Finding the right aftershave can be tricky - it can be more challenging than you think to pick the one that will suit your individual needs. A variety of factors come into play when considering the right aftershave for your face, such as your skin type, hair type, or personal preferences based on your desired effect or preferred scents.

Are You Using the Right Aftershave?

To give you insight into selecting the right product, we have put together a quick guide on what you should look for to make your search fruitful, no matter the skin or hair type you might have!

You might think you're using the right aftershave just because it gives you the relaxed, comforting feeling after shaving - but that's not exactly it.

We know it's hard to decide if the product you're using is right for your skin and hair, or if you could easily do better, so we did some research to find the best aftershave for you - so that you don't have to!

What exactly is an aftershave?

Aftershave is a tricky word - when not defined, as it can mean a variety of things to different people. However, the aftershave we're talking about is a product that you apply directly on your face after shaving to reduce or eliminate any skin irritation, moisturize, and add a protective barrier to your skin.

The aftershave you should be looking for is the one that responds to your individual needs. If your skin gets easily irritated, look for something prepared specifically for sensitive skin. If you're more prone to dryness, your ideal option would be a product that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The primary purpose is to leave your skin disinfected, revitalized, and with a light touch of your preferred scent.

Types of aftershave

There are essentially two types of aftershave available on the market: balms and splashes.

Are You Using the Right Aftershave?

Balms are designed to be heavier on the skin, making them the ideal option if you're prone to skin irritations; they are also perfect for moisturizing. Balms are best suited for people with dry skin and/or residing in cold or dry climates.

Splashes are an excellent choice for your skin as they provide toners, hydrosols, and astringents to cleanse the skin after shaving. Additionally, they are incredibly helpful in protecting the skin against pathogens, with their excellent ratio of ethanol to other ingredients. They're mostly recommended for people living in hot and steamy climates. Additionally, with splashes having a more watery feeling, they're highly recommended for people with oily skin.

What ingredients to look for?

When shopping for food, it's easier to know what's 'good' and 'bad' for you, as most of us recognize the listed ingredients in foods from secondary school. On the other hand, when looking at the complex components of aftershaves, it's easy to get tumbled up along the way - particularly when trying to read the small print of byzantine terminology that gets listed without much context...

So, what should you be looking for in these products?

Astringents and Toners: Astringents and toners are perfect for cleansing the skin while simultaneously shrinking pores' size. Toners are a good indication for providing minor relief to the skin, but the more vital components are the Astringents. Astringents contain up to 60% alcohol, making them a pivotal player in protecting you against bacteria and providing instant relief.

Humectants: A vital, but often forgotten ingredient in the process of deciding upon the most suitable aftershave. They decrease any visual effects of dehydration and allow the entrance of moisture from other components.

Hydrosols: Hydrosols are nature-based ingredients derived from aromatic plants. They're produced like essential oils, responsible for inhibiting bacterial growth and allowing the skin to balance the perfect pH level.

What to avoid?

Lemon oil or eucalyptus can easily irritate delicate skin and cause itching. That also goes for products with a high alcohol concentration - be wary of that while choosing your aftershave. Additionally, products containing traces of grapefruit can damage your skin when exposed to ample sunlight, so avoid those if you live in a warm, sunny climate.

Fragrance and scent

Most aftershaves contain only a small concentration of aromatic compounds, which result in their scent to be short-lasting. Aftershave's main purpose is to kill any bacteria that may get into your organism through small cuts - the product disinfects the skin with its ethanol content.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn't adjust your aftershave to your favorite scents. Most perfume brands possess dedicated lines of aftershave for men and a more potent fragrances for after shaving - colognes. So there's nothing wrong with choosing an aftershave based on its unique smell, as long as you take into consideration other aspects of its content. Fragranced aftershaves can range from cheaper options, such as NIVEA MEN Skin Energy Post Shave Balm, to more expensive products like the Terre D'hermes by Hermes For Men. A higher price doesn't necessarily mean a better effect in the world of aftershaves, but it might intensify and improve the scent's longevity.

Final thoughts

The next time you're at the drugstore or shopping online, remember to take a closer look at the ingredient list of your desired aftershaves. Always bear in mind that it's a product that you will be applying to your face, so it's definitely better to be safe, then sorry. You don't want to end up struggling with skin irritations or even allergies. Additionally, don't be afraid to search for a scent you might want based on your preferences. As long as you know what to look for and what to avoid, and you don't put the scent above all else, you can also choose what you like. After all, who doesn't like to smell great after a shave?

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