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Are You Really a Libertarian?

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
While I am the first to say I dislike libertarianism, I have to agree with Bryan Caplan that the Libertarian Purity Test is both better and more honest than the "World's Shortest Political Quiz". The states the questions with any intent to show the test taker has libertarian tendencies--although I did get a 14 on Mr. Caplan's test which means "You are starting to have libertarian leanings. Explore them."
I have no libertarian leanings whatsoever with an 8% score (14/160) on this test! In fact, I dislike the libertarian ideology intensively, which Mr.Caplan's test actually highlights.
There is a much more accurate test at the political compass. Although, I still question that one's accuracy.
The major problem is the nebulous political philosophy called Libertarianism tries to lure everyone into believing they are libertarian. Mr.Caplan's test is far more honest in that it makes it clear what Libertarianism believes.
Once one knows that libertarianism works to destroy the institutions that allow society to function, it becomes clear that Libertarianism is antithetical to most social systems.

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