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Are You Ready?

By Astylizedhysteria

It probably hasn’t been that long, but it’s certainly felt like forever. I’m very happy to say my mother is recovering well and things are back to a sort of “new” normal. I’m back in my old bedroom, albeit with much more clothing. Calliope cat could not be happier about her new living situation. She takes good care of my mom while I’m at work. Chloe cat…well, since moving I’ve found her crammed in the tiniest, darkest corner of the basement, under my bed, and in the ceiling of my basement. Yep, I have a ceiling cat. I’ve turned to kitty prozac to help her deal, and I hope it kicks in soon.

I haven’t found a good space (or time) to get outfit pictures but I’ll be starting soon. It feels good to be back, folks


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