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Are You Password Fatigued?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
How often do you become password fatigued? I was a little surprised to see this phrase really exists. According to Wikipedia is means password chaos or identity chaos, is the feeling experienced by many people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily routine, such as to logon to a computer at work, undo a bicycle lock or conduct banking from an ATM.
Are You Password Fatigued?
My biggest challenge with passwords is when I make comments on others blogs or websites. First, I must decide, who am I? We have several blogs and online stores. Once that decision is made in less than 3 seconds it's the password challenge. Sometimes I go through several passwords in a split second and other times I may just stare at an empty screen. That can sometimes work as it just pops into my head.Are You Password Fatigued?And then if all else fails I click "forgot password?" and have one emailed out to me. Them I must file it in email which has 100+ folders. I am sometimes amazed if I go a day without forgetting a password. It drives my husband absolutely crazy to have so many passwords.
What do you do to keep track of your passwords?

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