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Are You Making Room For Rest?

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Are You Making Room For Rest?
Well hey there friends! Just another fabulous day over here at Cait's Cozy Corner. But I wanted to talk about one thing that has been weighing heavily on my mind the last few weeks and it's something super simple.
Before I decided to take this little blog of mine full time, I worked like crazy. Don't get me wrong, I truly loved working in the corporate world, being a Mom to two amazing kids, a wife to one great and handsome guy and then blogging the other 40% of the time. Was it crazy? Oh heck yes! Let me share something with you, rest and I are not friends. I really stink at it. On days where I actually had time and space to rest, I would be on the phone searching for something to fill my time with, avoiding the slow down or just the silence of it all.
As we began to prepare ourself to move back to Chicago, I found myself actually welcoming the rest filled moments ( however few and far between they really were going to be). I started to really look at life and my business here as a place that needed some margins in order to appreciate the actual meat of the content. Without the space, without rest, I couldn't appreciate the busy, the good or even at times, the overwhelming of it all. I've never really worked out of place because I "had too" because in truth, I wake up excited to do what I do.
I love connecting with all you amazing girls and guys out there who want to grow and earn money from blogging. But not even just the perks that come with it- the hard work, the day in and day out we give our business but overall, the comfort and rest we truly need to take in order to do our job well!
Make sure you give yourself the breathing room it deserves. I need that tough love once in a while. I need to know that it's ok to give yourself that time to just be silent, go for a long walk without your phone or just meditate. Whatever it is, are you making time for it in your life?
Are You Making Room For Rest?
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