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Are You Learning Or In A Rut?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Are you always learning or have you fallen into a rut? I read everyday to learn more about gaining traffic to our websites and ways to better myself through it all.  
Are You Learning Or In A Rut?
I had been taking classes for web design and stopped for 2 semester as our sites got very busy. I decided this semester to dive back in. It got me to thinking - do we continue to push ourselves to learn more or do we fall into a rut?  And why do we want to learn more?  Are You Learning Or In A Rut? According to the dictionary the definition of learning is:  The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice or study or by being taught. 
Many people want to learn for the following reasons: 1) To earn more money 2) To obtain a new skill 3) To make a career change 4) Just for fun
5) Meeting like minded people

And the reasons for people falling into a rut: 1) Happy with the way things are 2) Fear of failure 3) Afraid of time constraints 4) Vanity - believe they already know it all  

I also believe you are never too old to learn new things.  Research claims it can help maintain and actually improve your brain. Going beyond your comfort zone can bend your brain.  If your brain is kept in good shape it can continue to build pathways that help you recognize patterns and see significance and even solutions much faster than a younger person can. Another great reason to keep on learning!

What is your reason for learning more or being in a rut?

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