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Are You Happy with Your Body?

By Thestreetcloset @thestreetcloset
Good evening!!
Let me say some important things about me:
1. I am a curvy women! Yes, i have a few extra pounds. (I always buy a large size)
2. Can i imagine myself thin? NO ! Absolutely no! 
3. Can i imagine myself within some few pounds? Absolutely yes! But only to shape more curves! not to lose! 
The most important thing when we are a little bigger, i mean... fat, is never hide the body on large clothes... 
Take care of your skinuse and abuseof moisturizing creams and alittle sun does miraclesforyour appearance.
If you don't like exercise, take advantage of the time you are watching television to do strong massage on your body! (Or ask your boyfriend ! ;P )
High heels please.... helpyouto lengthen the silhouette.
To finish and very important : ATTITUDE, Confidence and beautiful nails  ;)
And you? Are you happy with your body?
Are you happy with your body?

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