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Are You Going to Eat That?

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
Probably not.
We've got ourselves a tiny man on a food strike.  What's this about?  Aren't I the union rep?
All he wants to eat right now is oatmeal.  And sometimes a little bit of banana.  
It started a few days ago with spoon refusal.  Maybe he's decided those colored baby spoons are just too childish for him?  So whatever he ate from a utensil came off of a fork, a real poke-yer-eyeballs-out fork.  I guess he got upset that I wouldn't allow him to hold the fork by himself and has now declared that he shan't eat anything!  Nothing!  
No matter the color, texture, or temperature.  Only oatmeal and maybe banana.  No eggs, no toast, chewed a bit of bacon, no veggies, no tri-colored cork screw pasta, no chicken, no shredded wheat biscuits, nothing.  
He'll pick up whatever is in front of him, consider it, maybe even touch it to his tongue for a quick flavor check, and then spit it right back out like you just told him he was eating a worm.  Milk intake is the same as usual, still drinks a lot of water.  
I hope this is just a phase and that it passes quickly because I am nervous as a cat that he'll grow up on the Standard American Diet.  You know: junk food, fast food, nothing green.
Any ideas?  Inspirational quotes to calm me down?  
Perhaps I should give him his food in the floor because he's quite interested in chewing on whatever microscopic bit of leaf or lint, or rubber door knob stopper tip he can find.

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