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Are You FOOL ENOUGH to Be a Victim?

Posted on the 15 February 2016 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser

Do you fall in trap of these ponzi schemes?


Like others, my mail box gets many promotional emails what I generally ignore and mark as spam. Even unsubscribe doesn’t solve the issue as they come up with another offer, like income from internet, how to make money online, business to business, etc.

Yesterday, I got a link through a mail invitation that say:

---"Quote" ---Apply here(:a link) to become an affiliate so you can promote this brand new "Business In A Box" offer that gets you paid as much as $1,523 per $49 sale you refer.
This affiliate network that is "By Application ONLY" has already paid out over $50,000,000 in commissions and they are seeking new and experienced affiliate marketers to complete their 21 steps business system that will enable you to make Top Tier Affiliate Commissions
....without any experience.....without any personal selling.....without any own product creation.....without any CPA marketing.....without any social media marketing.

I was wondered how a $49 dollar sale can return $1523??? Will the company/person pay from the pocket??? So just to explore what BIG LIE is beneath under, I clicked the link. The landing page were good and write-up is so good to hit one's mind so hard. My gosh, there were so much provocation. But if you closely look into the photographs, you will notice, they don’t match as highlighted. Even The Persons with Mercedes Benz doesn't seem to be the OWNER of the vehicle. Shelley Belcourt- snapped a picture of her in a showroom probably booking her car or ???
It is written "I just hit the MAGICAL NUMBER: 10,000,000.00". I just don’t want to comment on this as several methods can place one there. I believe you can easily understand what I mean…
Don't be a victim of online income scheme - masteradviser.blogspot.comOMG!!! The product price is valued for $33000+ and they offer it for $49 only!!! NO I don't waste time calculating how much discounted offer it is. Through away price? Do you really believe it’s viable and digestible? ARE WE FOOL ENOUGH to grasp such offer? Even my s**t would be more valuable. Then I searched for review of the system to strengthen my review (as I knew and confident it’s not legit – it’s not possible that you set value of a product and make it laughable) and found many victims. They say it’s MLM and be ready for further investments…
I always wonder looking into the statistics in each promotion, they show how they earn big amount but the TRUTH IS they always hide product name and publish a summary, sometimes stats from older period which might be irrelevant to current date. Do we get what inside the wall?
One can say you didn’t try this how come you can render a negative aspect? Now can you please tell me didn’t you get enough information if you closely read the landing page? If not then be ready to bare losses for HOPE senses rather than decisive LOGIC senses. It’s your money and you are the final decision maker of where to invest. But I would suggest you to go pass these logical questionnaires and validate before you invest:
1. Did you hear the name of The Person stating earned big bucks? Ever before in printed version? Anywhere? What reference they show apart from paid advertisement, if any?2. Isn’t the product/Offer being sold at price of a crap? If yes, why? 3. What would the value be if you are owner of the product? And ready to give at through away price? If through away, then why not free or as a gift? What’s behind it?4. Is it cost effective solution to start or sell online? 5. Is this final method of investment or any further investment require? If further then how much? Can you afford?6. Is there any clear picture/structure of return of your investment? What would be gain/loss?7. If you being hit by negative approach and feeling guilty not to get involved? If Yes then believe me, YOU HAVE TAKEN THE RIGHT DECISION. (Being a marketing management student I was taught how to sell a product and NEGATIVE APPROACH is the last stage to make a sell as this will hit somebody with a feeling of losing some opportunity. I was too young but I still remember, the teacher said through a negative approach to the person in front, turnaround, start walking, behave like ignoring him, hit his mind with your negative approach and let him feel bad. That clicks his mind and product sold!!!).

This is not the only one. There are several so called GURUS available on the net but they always try to push their product only. Ultimately you will be victim of a PONZI scheme. Be aware before any online investment because I believe most of them (I would say 80-90%) are lies to suck your hard earned money. AND this internet world is being called “spider” so don’t act like an insect.
Good Luck.


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