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Are You a Twilight Fan? Borrow Some Twilight Wedding Detail Ideas for Your Own Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

Are you a Twilight fan planning a wedding? Want to get an idea of what might be in store for the vampire wedding? Find out more here.

There are many fans drooling for Twilight wedding details. And, after the teaser on the MTV Movie Awards, it’s no wonder that fans are still pining for more. The movie clip revealed very little detail, but there are a few hints that you can pick up on if your wedding will be coming before the movie release date. Not to mention, if you’ve read Breaking Dawn, you know all about Bella and Edward’s fairy tale ceremony!

Hair and Make-Up

Hair and makeup was one area of Twilight wedding detail that fans got a good glimpse of in the sneak peek. While the flash was only a few seconds, we can see that Bella went for a very natural look, except for the enhancement of the eyes. Her eyes were shadowed with darker colors that accentuated and brought out her pale but beautiful features. We can tell Bella’s hairdo is definitely an up-do from the shots taken from both the back and the front, and the veil is part of a jeweled hair clip which provides a stunning finish to her look. Her hair is loose and natural looking, which is a very romantic wedding hairstyle for any time of year.

The Invites

Fans got a pretty good look at the wedding invites on the movie trailer, too. A single sheet outlined in lavender was inside a single envelope and sealed with the Cullen wax seal. The invitation is very formal in both its appearance and its wording. If you’re having a formal or semi-formal wedding, formal invitations similar to the ones used in the movie trailer are a great way to keep things elegant and classy. The invitations are an easy area to implement Twilight wedding detail.

The Dress

According to, there were some pretty great lengths taken to prevent a leak of Bella’s dress in the movie. All you catch in the film clip is a white colored dress—nothing about detail, length, or style. In the book, though, we know that Bella’s dress is an early 1900’s design, made to complement her vintage ring, but that Alice Cullen tweaked some of her look with more modern touches. While the dress is certainly one of the most exciting Twilight wedding details, you may have to wait for the movie to release in November to get a full glimpse of what Stephanie Meyer had in mind when she described it in the book.


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