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Are We Disarming a Bomb That’s Already Gone Off?

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Are we disarming a bomb that’s already gone off?GarryRogers:

The nuclear threat and global warming aren’t really comparable. Nuclear war was avoided (well, so far anyway), but we have already emitted enough CO2 to create storms that will increase in destructive power for the next century or two.

Are we disarming a bomb that’s already gone off?Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

Excerpt from: Why the Paris talks won’t prevent 2 degrees of global warming BY Nsikan Akpan, William Brangham and Eric Osman  December 2, 2015

…the planet will inevitably surpass the 2 degree Celsius benchmark during this century, even with the calculations and intended pledges of the officials involved with the UN Convention on Climate Change and this week’s talks.

“These calculations show that even if countries fulfill their pledges, emissions will keep rising globally through 2030, and without any sign of stopping,” Barrett said. “And there’s no way you can meet any temperature target as long as emissions keep rising. The only way you can stabilize the climate is if global emissions head toward zero.”

Oppenheimer said the tipping point for reaching zero emissions greenhouse gases comes somewhere near the mid-century.

“The projections suggest that sometime after 2050 or 2060, but perhaps as late as 2100…

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