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Are We As Hopelessly Divided As The Media Says?

Posted on the 07 December 2019 by Jobsanger
Are We As Hopelessly Divided As The Media Says?
If you listen to the cable news shows these days, as I do, you will come away with the notion that the United States is hopelessly divided -- divided between right and left, and between Republican and Democrat.
The top chart shows the public now believes that. About 83% of Americans (including 83% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats, and 86% of Independents) say the gridlock and divisiveness in our politics is a serious problem.
But the poll also showed some hopeful signs. Many of those questioned (82% of Republicans, 67% of Democrats, and 76% of Independents) say there is more common ground among Americans than the media and politicians say -- and both parties believe about half of the people in the other party could be reached out to and talked with. That's encouraging.
It's sad that our politicians want to paint those who disagree with us as enemies. They are not. They are simply people who disagree with us about some issues. In the past, we have been able to find compromises that help to move the country forward for the good of everyone. We need to get back to that. Compromise is not a dirty word, and neither side is going to always get everything they want.
The survey also listed (in bottom chart) some things we could do to heal the country's divisions.
These charts are from the USA Today / Public Agenda Hidden Common Ground Survey done between October 14th and 21st of a national sample of 1,548 adults, with a 2.6 point margin of error.
Are We As Hopelessly Divided As The Media Says?
Are We As Hopelessly Divided As The Media Says?

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