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Are Using Lightroom Preset Collections Cheating?

Posted on the 13 November 2020 by Witselx9
Are Using Lightroom Preset Collections Cheating?

What is cheating? We all have a range of views of what cheating means. This is because we all have different levels of morals and ethics. This is what makes life so interesting. Nothing is black and white and context can have a major influence. Is using a calculator cheating? Some might think so because you're simply not doing the work. However, how much more can you achieve with a calculator? Inventions are there to make our lives easier so that we can focus on other things. With Lightroom mobile presets, the question should be "what are you going to do with the time saved"? If you waste it then yes, you're cheating. If, on the contrary, you use it well then you have in fact become wiser and better in the process.

The official translation tells us that cheating means to gain an unfair advantage. However, let's not forget that Lightroom mobile presets are often free, including their collections. Of course, some come at a price, ranging from tens of dollars to over a hundred, but the fact that so many are freely available means that we can all 'cheat' together. Let's have a look at some of the main reasons why people might consider Lightroom mobile presets to be cheating. You can then decide for yourself.

  • Limited Learning
  • Short cuts
  • Predetermined quality
  • Co-creation or Plagiarism

Limited Learning

It's possible to just apply Lightroom mobile presets collections to your photos without a second thought. This is because Lightroom mobile presets collections have settings that are already determined for you. The traditionalists, therefore, believe that you don't get the opportunity to learn how the different settings work together and how they impact your photos. However, anyone who has used collections knows that you often need to do a few tweaks. Also, there's nothing wrong with starting simple and then moving onto customized Lightroom mobile presets. We all need to start somewhere and Lightroom mobile presets collections give you such a great kick-off.

Short Cuts

There's a funny sense of martyrdom and pride that sets in when you've spent hours editing and perfecting something. It almost makes you feel that those hours sweating over your photos are what make the quality so great. Of course many want to go through the traditional process however not all of us want to be professional photographers.

Let's say you do agree with the purists though but then, how far back do you want to go? Do you also want to learn how to take photos with the first cameras invented that involved going under a hood and a puff of smoke escaped from somewhere? On the flip side, think about how much time you'll have saved with Lightroom mobile presets and their collections? What are you going to do with all that extra time? Perhaps you can even help others and then is it really cheating if you save time to do some good? Alternatively, perhaps you'll spend more time with family and friends.

Predetermined Quality

Photography is both a science and an art form and can take years to learn and perfect. Naturally, you could assume that using Lightroom mobile presets collections is cheating when it comes to quality because everything is done for you. However, remember that your photos are unique, and whilst collections have been tested to be applicable to a wide range of photos, you'll still most likely have to make some tweaks. This is a great way to help you learn the workings behind the collections even if you don't necessarily ever need to work them out from scratch. Either way, you'll still be learning something which might even help you with the next set of photos you take.

Co-Creation or Plagiarism

Lightroom mobile presets collections allow you to leverage someone else's work. If you start claiming that you created your photos with your own set of presets when in fact you used someone's collections then yes, most ethical people will have issues. On the other hand, Lightroom mobile presets collections are a useful tool to help your photos look just how you want them to. You'll then be able to focus on what's important to you whether that's promoting your style, launching your brand, or simply having fun with your friends. So, go ahead, talk about your photos, and the story you're trying to share rather than pretending to be something else. Be transparent and no one can call you a cheat. On the contrary, you'll create something that's awesome and just for your purpose.

Are Using Lightroom Preset Collections Cheating?

Parting Words on whether using Lightroom mobile presets collections is cheating

Most of us are generally ethical and no one wants to be called a cheat. With regards to the question of cheating, you can of course make your own mind up. However, most people accept that Lightroom mobile presets and their collections are a great tool. Yes, the Lightroom mobile presets collections give you an advantage but they are also available to all and they give you so much more. You gain time, creativity, and quality and after all, isn't that the driver behind all good inventions?

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