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Are There Corporate Lobbyists Who Are "Super Delegates" ?

Posted on the 21 June 2016 by Jobsanger
There Corporate Lobbyists I ran across an interesting thing at the Texas Democratic Convention last weekend. Sanders supporters were trying to get signatures on a petition to ban corporate lobbyists from being Democratic super delegates. I didn't sign the petition because the several people who asked to to sign couldn't answer two simple questions --
1) How many corporate lobbyists are super delegates?
2) Can you name one corporate lobbyist who is a super delegate?
They didn't know, but enthusiastically assured me that they exist.
I have never heard of any corporate lobbyist (lobbying for Wall Street financial organizations or giant private corporations) who have been appointed by the DNC to serve as a super delegate -- and I don't believe there are any. Until I see proof that they actually exist, I'm not going to believe it. It sounds like another myth being passed around by the Sanders campaign to make the party look bad.
So, I challenge any Sanders supporter who reads this to provide that proof. Give me the name of one corporate lobbyist who serves as a Democratic super delegate, and tell me what private for-profit corporation he/she represents currently.
Now, I know there are some super delegates from some organizations that were elected by the DNC  (organizations like unions, Planned Parenthood, minority groups, etc.) -- and some of them may actually lobby for those groups. That is different. They represent traditional Democratic constituencies -- and I have no problem with a few of them having a delegate vote.
But the Sanders supporters were saying there are lobbyists serving as super delegates who represent a giant for-profit corporation -- and that's a vastly different thing. Do they really exist? If so, I would love to know who they are.
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